Devi Teacher

Chloë Urban

Chloë Faith Urban (left profile pic) is the co-founder of the process “Devi Healing: Compassion and Healing with Goddess Kwan Yin,” which she teaches in tandem with Gabrielli LaChiara ( see bio) at the Path of Joy.

Chloë has been immersed in healing spaces her entire life. Raised by a Mother who is a shamanic practitioner, rituals, ceremonies, and healing were an ongoing part of the environment she grew up in.

Chloë Faith Urban (she/her pronouns) takes a unique approach to healing, one that honors all aspects of what it means to be alive in human form. Through deep intuition and internal knowing, as well as the use of kinesiology, she guides people through a journey to access their essence and the healing that’s already present within them.

As a certified Healing Practitioner and Lead Trainer, Chloë has had a private healing practice since 2014, and 3,800 people, worldwide, have attended her online healing courses through DailyOM and her own website. Through sacred healing arts, energy medicine, neuroscience, channeling Kwan Yin, and primal brain clearings, she helps clients activate their innate capacity to heal- Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, energetically, and genetically.

Chloë is also a sought after Ecstatic Dance DJ, who has taught dance classes and workshops that merge movement and healing since 2014. She has been immersed in healing spaces since she was 4 years old and has been trained in Reiki and many different forms of conscious dance and creative arts. She lives and holds her private practice in Harpswell, Maine, on the indigenous land of the Abenaki & Arosaguntacook peoples, where she works one on one with clients, and by distance all over the world. She is profoundly honored to have the opportunity to foster and awaken healing on the planet, through her work with individuals and in groups, and to have a deep connection with Goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin. Chloë also teaches The LaChiara method and leads powerful healing intensives and trainings with creator of the modality, and dear friend, Gabrielli LaChiara.