Devi Teacher

Shampa Mukherjee

Shampa Mukherjee is a Devi Circle teacher of the process, “Devi Womb: Honoring the Body Temple with Mary Magdalene at the Path of Joy.

We are all creators! Our minds create the same patterns of suffering! Only meditation recreates our lives-rebirthing us into joy and abundance!

Shampaji is a spiritual teacher, a Pyramid meditation Master, a multidisciplinary energy therapist and a psychotherapist. 

Her spiritual journey began in 2003 with a regular meditation practice. Over the years she explored many paths to self-discovery, such as hypnotherapy, rebirthing breathwork, EFT, NLP, Access Consciousness, astrology and numerology. She also worked with international spiritual teachers on Shamanic processes, regression therapy, family constellations, and other healing practices. As she surrendered to these processes and teachings, her own intuition guided her to develop a profound spiritual process called “Panch Bhoot Mukti” for communicating with the souls. She further refined this process with the help of astral masters in 2014. 

She is a compassionate being who has dedicated her life to serving Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji’s mission of self-empowerment and self-realization through Dhyan Jagat (Meditation World), Shakahaar Jagat (Vegetarian World) and Pyramid Jagat (Pyramid World). In 2014, she was honoured with the “Women of Worth” award in Mumbai (India). 

She has conducted numerous Holistic Wellness workshops since 2012. Her workshops utilize spiritual wisdom, human psychology, and therapeutic experience gained with thousands of case-studies. Some of her internationally recognized workshops include: 

● Ancestral Honouring and Healing Workshop 

● Inner Child Healing Workshop 

● Connecting to Inner Genie Workshop for Junior children (6-12 years age group) 

● Connecting to Inner Genie Workshop for Senior children (13 to 17 years age group) 

She also conducts many spiritual development programs regularly. Her most sought-after programs for spiritual seekers are: 

● Jago Devi—Connecting with divine feminine 

● Navratri Dhyan—Connecting with divine feminine 

● Diwali Dhyan—Connecting with abundance consciousness 

● Sampoorna Vasundhara Vardhaman—meditation with and for mother earth

 She also participates as instructor in many of the PMC Hindi programs, such as: 

● Buddh Bano

 ● Journey Towards True Path 

● Inner Journey 

● Seth Wisdom Workshop 

● New Energy Ascension Workshop 

She holds her private healing sessions in Mumbai, India. She can be reached through multiple WhatsApp groups dedicated to her work (e.g.,, and her many lectures are available on her YouTube channel: Spiritual Wisdom - Shampa