Devi Teacher

Lara Moïra Dana

Lara Moira Dana is a Devi Circle teacher of the process, ‘’Devi Womb: Honoring the Body Temple with Mary Magdalene” at the Path of Joy.

You are the gateway to the goddess. Remember. And follow your heart.

As a child I felt deeply connected to Nature Spirits and the invisible world and had the gift of vision and prediction. I touched people through my presence and heart energy. Mary Magdalene and Joshua “visited” me many times sharing their experiences with me and giving me tasks for my journey. From my female ancestors in the Balkans I got the priestess knowledge from the Isis cult. Later I was able to apply and deepen this on my Druid Path that led me to Avalon. The mysteries of Mary Magdalene were reactivated in me in various initiations and channelings and have led to my first book in progress “The Path of the Goddess” for sharing this divine feminine knowledge with the world.

I have received the mission to revive the female initiation path through Europe. My near-death experience at 22 brought me on my spiritual path and increased my supernatural perception. For over 13 years I have been training women in the ancient European wisdom and accompanying people through the great initiation rituals of life, such as birth, baptism, puberty, marriage, separation, and death. My personal training in yoga, dance, music, song writing and painting fill me deeply in my heart.

I have developed some “URFRAU” techniques that I use in individual sessions and in preparation for birth, and also pass on in my trainings. These include:

"Cave Journey" shamanic journey for womb healing, desire to have children, sexual trauma, emotional attacks, mother issues, before and during pregnancy.

"Tantric Rebirthing" shamanic birth ritual, a kind of rebirth to bring oneself into life and to renew oneself, for blockages in the lower 3 chakras, for infertility, uprooting, caesarean section, after miscarriages, birth trauma.

“Rising Goddess" shakti activation, connection with Mary Magdalene, rooting of Kundalini, feminine spirituality, feminine path to enlightenment, sacred sexuality of the Isis priestesses, paradigm shift of Kundalini knowledge.

I also lead “Holy Trinity" meditations, "Power Place” activations, "Dragon Dance" healings, and "Divine Dying" shamanic death rituals.

Some of my events and trainings include “Red tents“ of the "Goddess Archetypes" and “Pink tents“ for young women and girls. I also lead “Telepathic Healing Circles“ every New Moon and Full Moon, for strengthening the womb and sisterhood.

And finally I also lead annual trainings on witch circles, priestess circles, individual Goddess mentoring, European medicine wheel (Celtic Wheel), and women’s retreats for sacred sexuality.