Devi Teacher

Arjuna Deva

Arjuna Deva is a Deva Teacher at the Path of Joy

Arjuna is a much sought-after teacher of meditation and spirituality workshops.

At an early age of 13, Arjuna knew that his life’s work would involve learning and spreading spiritual knowledge. After getting his MBA in Finance and Engineering, Arjuna spent many years in the corporate world. During these years, he kept listening to his inner voice, and as the yearning and passion for spirituality increased, he finally made the leap and gave up a very promising and rewarding corporate career to embark upon a spiritual path.

He has spent the past 28 years learning and meditating under the guidance of different gurus.  He began his journey with Siddha samadhi yoga followed by Vipassana, Kriya yoga, Mindpower, and Neuro-linguistic programming.

In 2015, Arjuna began conducting spirituality workshops and retreats. His workshops are dynamic with a good balance of emotional release work and meditation. He teaches various workshops in the areas of breathwork including Devi Kriya, yoga, five-element balancing, Marma science, past life regression, energy healing, and others.

In 2019, Arjuna Deva began his journey as a senior volunteer for Path of Joy. Since then he has become involved with various aspects of the Path of Joy organization, working closely with its founder Ananda Karunesh.

Arjuna Deva is one of the lead teachers for Deva Circle, which are men circles organized for doing emotional and spiritual work related to the healing of the wounded feminine and wounded masculine.

Arjuna Deva lives in Mumbai and travels all over India for conducting meditation and spirituality workshops.