Devi Teacher

Gabrielli LaChiara

Gabrielli LaChiara (right profile pic) is the co-founder of the process “Devi Healing: Compassion and Healing with Goddess Kwan Yin,” which she teaches in tandem with Chloë Faith Urban ( see bio) at the Path of Joy.

Gabrielle LaChiara brings great joy and possibility to Earth as a facilitator of healing and as an embodied spiritual channel for the great Buddhist Goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin.

Gabrielli is the creator of The LaChiara method, a modality that uses body knowing, nature portals, visualizations, and divine activations guided by Goddess Kwan Yin and other divine beings. Through presentations, consultations, and private sessions, Gabrielli's unique ability to facilitate healing and transformation on many levels has brought life changing results to individuals, families, and schools. As both a teacher and soulful intuitive, Gabrielli is devoted to helping her clients cultivate inner strength, increase consciousness, and develop tools and resources for personal growth and success.

With two decades of work in social services, Gabrielli came to the healing arts with a strong human service base, and an additional ten years of co-founding a social service organization for mothers, MotherWoman, Inc., with Annette Cycon.

Gabrielli was taught and blessed in the Garden River First Nation teachings of O'pwagain medicine in Native Shamanic Journeying in 2001. In 2003, Gabrielli was divinated in Hamni Esoteric Buddhism by Buddhist teacher, Master Yu.

In 2004, Gabrielli began the LaChiara method with Lori Friedman and has been training reiki healers, energy workers, pranic healers, healers of other modalities, and anyone who is called to apply their intuitive gifts for healing humanity. In 2005, she began channeling and sharing the profound teachings of the Buddhist Goddess Kwan Yin.

Gabrielli's work also includes the works of Dr. Carl Ferrari, Neural Organization Technique, and Dr. George Goodheart, Applied Kinesiology. Her work is a blend of neural science, sacred healing arts, compassion teachings and awareness building.

Gabrielli holds her private practice and healing center in Amherst, MA, on the indigenous land of the Umpanchla, Quonquont, and Chickwalopp people.