Devi Teacher

Reenie Mansata

Reenie Mansata is a Devi teacher of the process, “Devi Kriya: Love, Freedom, and Surrender with Goddess Parvati” at the Path of Joy.

Reenie is an intuitive and gifted communicator which allows her to offer valuable spiritual guidance to those who seek her out.

Reenie grew up with a strong and deep connection with the Mother, spending her childhood summers at the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. It is believed that the Mother incarnated as the universal and transcendental form of divine Shakti with the energies of four great goddesses: Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kali, and Maheshwari. Exposed to this spiritually rich environment from early childhood, Reenie’s life and work reflect a sense of divine purpose and awareness.

Born in India in a home filled with music and spirituality, Reenie has naturally grown into just that; a new age spiritual singer—songwriter, performer and an international recording artist. Reenie’s music reverberates with high spiritual energy and has evolved from genres of dance to spiritual pop to a new age rendition of mantras in her most recent album titled ‘Seeds of Joy.’  The album comprises seven mantras featured in the book ‘A Thousand Seeds of Joy’ by Anand Karunesh.

During a visit with Ananda Karunesh while producing this album, she learnt the ‘Devi Kriya’, a powerful breath the process he channeled through Goddess Parvati, which energizes, cleanses, and harmonizes the body-being-soul consciousness by opening and aligning all of the chakras. The Devi Kriya instantly struck a chord with her and after practice it for a few months she infused it with a layer of sound using a hang drum to further, elevate the mystical experience. Reenie holds a global ‘Devi Circle’ gathering on every Full moon and New moon, in which she conducts a live ‘Devi Kriya’ and a guided meditation session for participants from all over the world.

Reenie’s natural skills as a meditator, a channel, and a public speaker (having been a performer and a TV personality in New York), allows her to teach, inspire and guide people with ease. Her energy is of love, joy, and freedom, and her desire is to live on earth as if in heaven!